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oeufs en cocotte


Variation autour du chocolat au lait

Biscuit: Melt together chocolate and butter. Stir the mixture with yellow and sugar previously laundered. Mounting whites and add the sifted flour mixture precedent. Bake in 200 ° framework.

Cream: Melt chocolate in double boiler. Making a sabayon with  eggs yolks, syrup and coffee. Mount cream. Combine all the ingredients and provide a layer of 1 cm over the  biscuit, put it in a refrigerator .

Fondant: Bake the basis and glucose at 160 °. Stir in nuts and chocolate as a nougatine. Spread the mixture and detail strips of 12 cm long and 1 cm wide, shaped in circles.

Presentation: Cut within the framework a triangle of 4/8 cm and cover with a triangle of the same size in milk chocolate. Paste crunchy on the dessert with a touch of chocolate and put on a quenelle of ice milk chocolate.

Serves 4

Biscuit milk chocolate:
120 g of milk chocolate coverage,
25 g of black chocolate coverage,
125 g butter,
60 g low flour,
Cream milk chocolate:
350 g of milk chocolate,
60 g black chocolate coverage,
4 egg yolks,
175 g of syrup at 30 °,
450 g cream,
60 g of  Ethiopian coffee.
75 g egg yolks,
125 g egg whites,
25 g sugar INVERTI,
65g caster sugar
Crispy chocolate:
60 g basis,
40 g glucose,
30 g of powdered hazelnuts,
40 g coverage of milk.