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oeufs en cocotte
Serves 4

Butter Salt and pepper
16 large peeled raw langoustines
100 grams of morels
3 dl cream
1 onion chopped
Sandwich Bread
8 ramekins

Cocotte eggs with langoustine and morel
  1. Salt,pepper and butter the ramekins, cook eggs in a double boiler, keeping the yellow flowing,
  2. Cut the langoustine tails in large dice, season,
  3. Sort and wash morels. the cut of the same size as the langoustines,
  4.  Sweat langoustine and morel with butter in a teeterboard, add the minced shalot,
  5. Deglaze with madeira (very few), cream and reduce,
  6. Cut into sticks Sandwich Bread, brown it in the toaster,
  7. Put langoustines and morels on eggs,
  8. Put on the plate: paper lace, flowers and sandwich bread sticks
oeufs en cocotte